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Principal's Corner

Dear Students and Parents:

Image for Dear Students and Parents:

Welcome to Grundy High School. Our mission is to provide a positive learning environment where students can develop skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to enter the world of work or to meet the challenge of higher education.

It is our belief that the school, parents and community members must work together to provide a secure environment that enhances learning. Grundy High School faculty, staff and administration realize that students should be challenged to the highest standards of academic achievement, personal character, and civic responsibility. We intend to enforce all rules and regulations consistently and fairly while encouraging students to develop a positive work ethic.

Grundy High School faculty, staff and administration understand that all students have individual needs that must be addressed before learning can occur. Optimal learning takes place when students and staff show mutual respect. Therefore, each student is allowed to set goals and reach his/her optimum level of achievement. We respectfully request your support in following the Student Conduct Policy adopted by the Buchanan County School Board as well as our Crisis Management Plan.

As principal of Grundy High School the education of your children will be as important to me as it is to you.


Thank You,

Leslie K. Horne 

Principal, Grundy High School